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Digital innovation has played an even more important role in the modern rural economy during the pandemic when movement has been restricted. Fibre 1 stuck together and continued to keep our customers in the forefront of our mind. We believe we handled this situation professionally and proactively allowing us to come out the other side stronger than ever. Providing 24/7 support to Customers throughout the pandemic who were aligning to the changes in business as they knew, ensuring they had the best possible connection and care available. We used the pandemic as an opportunity to review our approach and our focus shifted to ensuring we could help our current and potential customers save money and improve their flexible working options. We assisted businesses with analysing existing set ups and structures, supporting them with adjustments they can improve and help implement the working from home guidelines. In the last 12 months, we have moved into the renewable energy sector, providing fibre and connectivity for some of the UK's biggest windfarms, SSE renewables along with some smaller local companies such as Moray East Offshore Windfarms. Renewable’s technologies are deployed in a distributed, modular fashion, making them less prone to large-scale failure. This brings advantages during severe weather events or complex emergencies, as such technologies can be rolled out quickly wherever needed, ensuring customers can supply electricity to people without complex and time-consuming infrastructure development. Due to our remote location, this gives us an edge over competitors as channel partners are aware of the ability we have to provide services UK wide with little to no difficulties.

"We launched the integration of Microsoft Teams with our VoIP telephony solution allowing staff to make and receive calls wherever they are using another device such as a mobile or laptop. Teams comes with collaboration benefits including: File Sharing, Screen Sharing, Video Calling and Instant Chat. No extra software/hardware is required to get up and running on Teams. It includes customers’ existing bundled minutes helping them to work remotely while keeping costs down. As restrictions continue to be lifted this solution will give companies the flexibility for their employees to continue to work efficiently remotely introduce hybrid working. We also introduced a Switch and Save Campaign. The hassle-free service helps companies save money on their telecom and connectivity needs reviewing company costs and highlight any potential savings that can be made. Our service is a quick and effective way to highlight these savings and the best part is we take care of all the hard work. We promoted this service through our social media platforms, mail outs and advertisements. Our aim is to help as many companies we can to reduce their costs without compromising on quality or service."

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