As a connectivity specialist, Fibre1 provides the tools they need to ensure their communications remain up to date, fit for purpose and cost efficient. From multi-site fibre connectivity to VOIP, internet-based telephone systems and 4G data SIMs and mobile phones, these tools have taken on an added importance in a year when working practices have radically changed. As a result, Fibre1's expertise has been in great demand.

Lockdown also saw Fibre1 run an active and successful social media campaign encouraging businesses not only to look at ways of improving their communications in a period when more business than ever before was moving online, but also to look at ways Fibre1 can help them save money.
This is something Fibre1 has been helping businesses to do long before the pandemic.

Early links with major network carriers such as TalkTalk Business and City Fibre has allowed Fibre1 to access these networks at very competitive rates, which are in turn passed on to its customers. This has also enabled Fibre1 to build its own fibre network, giving customers the option of buying wholesale. However, Fibre1 can offer more than competitive pricing to its clients.

Fibre1 makes it a point of pride never to promise what it cannot deliver, while at the same time regularly delivering beyond expectations. "When clients come to us, they get the real story of what can actually be delivered, within our industry the big factor for us is trust and competency and the track record of delivering great projects, that is key. It allows businesses to trust our brand.”

One such example came as football restarted and Elgin City prepared to live stream a match – the only way fans at that time could see their team in action. When they found the live stream was failing to work properly, Fibre1 sourced a replacement router and 4G SIM card and delivered it to the Club, a day prior to the match, allowing the match to be broadcast successfully without any issues.

Fibre1 has been able to pleasantly surprise clients by ensuring connectivity in locations which were previously considered too difficult to reach. It all leads to Fibre1 being absolute specialists in connectivity from information right through to delivery and best practice. Being at the forefront of today's technology leaves Fibre1 well placed for future developments and after a challenging 2020, that future is looking exciting as superfast fibre continues to be rolled out across the Highlands and Moray.

"We are looking to expand on FTTP and fibre-to-home roll outs that are happening across the local areas.The infrastructure is changing all the time and it is important for firms to stay up to date and realise what can be achieved. As connectivity improves, people will be able to work faster and smarter and that will certainly help going forward”

The next step 5G, which is being rolled out across the UK over the next 12 to 18 months which is going to be really important for back-up services, as is
fibre-to-the-premises. “We are well positioned to take advantage of the way technology is moving and to bring best practice to the area and across the UK”

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