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The Impact of Business FTTP

Synchronous Speeds
Unlike similar products delivered by incumbents, our Business FTTP product is completely synchronous, which means it delivers the same speeds up and down. It also make it easier to manage, saving you time and effort that can be better spent elsewhere.

Businesses seeking incredibly fast, well managed, affordable, fibre services
But who don’t yet need a dedicated point-to point connection (i.e. unlikely
to need all of the bandwidth available all of the time).

Digitally dependent businesses
Operating business critical services or supporting large numbers of employees. Ideal for supporting remote workforces by moving applications to the cloud and having a robust connection to keep it running uninterrupted.

A business wanting true value for money
And who are unwilling to accept the limitations of 100Mb/s leased line speed caps.
“A Brand-New Fibre Network..”
True choice of infrastructure provider
Modern, capacity-rich, ultra-low latency networks that are completely independent and use absolutely no copper

Fibre Over Copper
Fibre is incredibly resistant to bad weather including flooding, and the underground network is protected from other common causes of outages.

Inherently Resilient
The CityFibre network is engineered for rock-solid reliability. It uses a ring base architecture where in the event of a break, traffic is easily re routed.

Trusted Across the UK
The network already underpins many local councils, mobile operators,
large businesses and ISPs themselves.

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