5️⃣ Reasons Why Your Business Needs 4G

1.High Quality Video Calls 2.Rapid Upload 3.Internet Browsing 4. Remote Working 5. Backup Service

With everything a business does, having an internet backup connection is a necessity for Companies of all sizes to run smoothly. Businesses heavily depend on the internet to keep their operations functioning. No matter the type, reliable network connectivity is an important aspect of business continuity.

A back-up connection won’t be effective if it goes down with your primary service. A local outage can cause both to go down together. Choosing a different service ensures both will not fail simultaneously. For example, if your primary internet connection is wired, consider cellular for your backup. If you normally connect through fibre optic, use cable internet as your backup. If both are fibre, ensure they have different points of entry. If both of fibre connections enter the building at the same point, that significantly increases the potential for both to fail if issues occur.

When issues occur, being able to switch to a reliable backup is key. Failover is the method of switching between your primary and secondary systems as seamlessly as possible. With redundancy in place, a standby internet service is ready whenever your primary service is unavailable. It can come online manually, with a member of IT making the switch, or automatically, based on the type of failover process you use. This redundant system ensures that if your internet connection drops out—your business and your customers are still able to access your product or service.

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