Fibre1 is delighted to announce the launch of the next generation Ultra Fast Broadband services

The initial products include Fibre1 ‘s services, plus Fibre1's FTTP (on demand) Broadband. Our products allows amazingly high speeds from the same copper pipe that was originally used for voice calls, these products will supply end users with speeds of up to 300Mb down, 50Mb up and transform the way businesses work throughout the UK and Globally.

Ultra-Fast Broadband products are available in 17 locations in the UK so far and expected to provide Ultrafast Broadband Connectivity to over 10 million businesses by 2021.

Fibre 1 can offer this exclusively to it’s vast growing Channel Partner Base and are the 1st Company to launch these exciting new ultrafast Broadband products into the Scottish Market.

You can read more in our press release on
FTTP on demand with Gigabit voucher scheme; £3,000 grant funding to cover the cost of up to £2,500 for installation, £250 towards Survey costs and £250 towards router costs.

These can typically be ordered where FTTC services currently exist, can be ordered individually or as part of a project which has the added benefit of sharing and reducing installation costs for every business who joins the project.

The scheme is available for small to medium sized enterprises. To check eligibility please visit

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